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Avocado Oil
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    100% Pure High Heat Avocado Oil for Cooking

    Chosen Foods avocado oil is made of 100% pure avocados - first cold pressed, then naturally refined. We use a proprietary low heat process, which protects the nutrients and the delicate fatty acids. By gently removing the chlorophyll, waxes, sediments and free fatty acids in the oil, we are able to achieve incredible cooking oil. Our processing is so unique we are able to retain 80% of the beta-stisterol found in virgin avocado oil, as well as 60% of the vitamin E! This is the prefect high mono-unsaturated oil to use as a base for homemade mayo, or Paleo salad dressing. Our avocado oil has a smooth, buttery flavor, and a smoke point of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit! There are many avocado oil uses when cooking: dressing, sauces, marinades, bake, broil, barbecue, sear, sauté or stir-fry!

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    Natural and chemical free processing combine with controlled heat to safely refine our oil. Featuring a mild, nutty flavor, our avocado oil is incredibly versatile. Heating oil past its smoke point creates toxins and free radicals, but our avocado oil can safely be heated up to 500F. Its high monounsaturated fat profile, similar to olive oil, is stable enough to withstand high temperatures without breaking down. Chosen Foods is the largest producer of naturally refined avocado oil in the world, allowing us to make this healthy cooking oil affordable for everyday use.


    Chosen Foods avocado oil has as much monounsaturated fat as olive oil. Recent research suggests diets high in monounsaturated fat may help reduce or prevent heart disease. Avocado oil also contains natural vitamin E and the cardio-protective, anti-inflammatory agent beta-sitisterol. It’s often assumed that refined oils lack any beneficial nutrients. Chosen Foods avocado oil breaks this trend. Our unique processing preserves many of the beneficial nutrients found in virgin avocado oil, providing a unique, nutritious, high heat cooking oil.

    Our Process

    Chosen Foods oil is first cold pressed using quality Hass avocados. This cold pressed oil is then naturally refined, using zero chemicals, solvents or hexane. Our proprietary low heat technology using vapor extraction to remove impurities in the oil that lower the smoke point, including chlorophyll, waxes, gums and sediments. Our unique processing preserves many of the nutrients found in virgin avocado oil, including vitamin E and beta-sitisterol. Our processing lowers peroxide value and removes free fatty acids, creating a high antioxidant, high smoke point, heat stable cooking oil.


    The avocado has a rich history dating back as early as 291 B.C. History mentions its use by the Aztecs, who prized its healing properties. The avocado made its first commercial appearance in the US in the early 1900’s when variations of the crop were planted in California and Florida. It took another 50 years for the public to catch on to the uses and benefits of the avocado. Avocados are actually a fruit, specifically, a member of the berry family. It’s thick, buttery flesh is the one of only a handful of fruits that contain fat.